July 01, 2006

Bromley and Blaenau Gwent

There is an interesting post at EU Referendum on the Bromley and Blaenau Gwent by-elections, and not just because Dr North actually manages to say something nice about UKIP. It is about the political apathy that the political classes complain about, since it might be better classed as political party apathy. The career politicians that make up the political class having never never actually lived in the real world are completely unable to relate to it. So the parties have stopped examining what would be good for the country in favour of examining their own rectal cavities, with the mainstream media unthinkingly following to report what they might find in there. So it is up to the small parties that are to small to be able to shield their elite members for the real world that are increasingly getting listened to as they increasingly are the ones with something to say. Dr North has a remedy for this, should anyone in the established parties pop out for long enough to read it.
My remedy was equally straightforward. Start taking an interest in the things that ordinary people are interested in, and they will take an interest in you.

Until then, I suspect we will see the continued onwards march of the minnows.


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